Chalk Newton Geoscience are based in West Dorset, England. Established in 2018 we manage and coordinate outdoor learning activities in Devon and Dorset. Outdoor learning programmes cater for recreational interest groups, families, individuals and as well as professionals for career development purposes and in-depth learning.

Portland Chert Member, Portland Limestone Formation, Dancing Ledge, Dorset.

Our classroom is South West England, comprising Wessex Basin, a world-class sedimentary basin ideally suited for petroleum geology learning and research in East Devon and Dorset; the Cornubian igneous intrusions of Devon and Cornwall with related metamorphism and mineralisation, Variscan structural geology and the older Lizard ophiolite (oceanic obduction) complex near Lands End.

The region holds a wealth of geoscience to discover, observe and investigate. All itineraries are fully customised and designed according to the participants, learning objectives, timing and budget.