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Petroleum Exploration for Non-Geoscientists

Course for non-geoscientists working in the petroleum industry who would benefit from, as part of their Continued Professional Development, a learning opportunity in petroleum geoscience and the petroleum system. The course is themed on the petroleum prospectively of the Wessex Basin, that contains the largest oil field in NW Europe drilled onshore. The course uses local field observations, outcrop, well and seismic data.

Three days outdoor and classroom learning.

Suitable for all backgrounds, legal, finance, planning, Human Resources etc.

Petroleum Biostratigraphy

Geoscientists working in the petroleum exploration and production industry shall gain a strong understanding and awareness of the value and applications of biostratigraphic data to exploration and production workflows and solution finding.

Three days outdoor and classroom learning.

Suitable for those with a geoscience-related degree who wish to use high-quality biostratigraphy for subsurface stratigraphic framework-building and evaluating exploration prospects and development assets.

Petroleum Prospectivity of the Wessex Basin

Designed for young geoscience professionals. The participants use their own outcrop observations and outcrop, well and seismic data to evaluate the petroleum potential of the Wessex Basin petroleum system. Participants present their own prospectivity evaluations at the end of the course.

Five days outdoor and classroom learning.

Suitable for graduate petroleum explorationists, working on hydrocarbon prospectivity and petroleum system evaluations.