Dorset and East Devon World Heritage Coast

Aylesbury Mudstone Group

Exmouth Mudstone and Sandstone Formation

Orcombe Rocks, Straight Point, Littleham Cove
(SY 019 797 to SY 040 802)

Littleham Mudstone Formation

Littleham Cove, “The Floors” Cliff
(SY 039 803 to SY 056 814

Sherwood Sandstone Group

Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds Formation

“The Floors” Cliff, Budleigh Salterton
(SY 045 810 to SY 056 814)

Otter Sandstone Formation

Budleigh Salterton to Sidmouth
(SY 056 814 to SY 132 873)

Mercia Mudstone Group

Sidmouth Mudstone Formation

Hern Rock Point, High Peak to Chit Rocks
(SY 099 853, SY 101 856 to SY 120 869)

Dunscombe Mudstone Formation

Higher Dunscombe Cliff (SY 152 877 to SY 156 878); Weston Cliff (SY 168 880 to 171 880)

Branscombe Mudstone Formation

Weston Cliff to Branscombe Mouth (SY 218 881); Seaton Hole (SY 235 895); Haven Cliff (SY 257 897)

Blue Anchor Formation

Haven Cliff to Humble Point; Haven Cliff to Culverhole Point (SY 273 893)

Penarth Group

Westbury Formation

Culverhole Point; Charton Bay; Pinhay Bay

Lilstock Formation

Culverhole Point; Pinhay Bay

Lias Group

Blue Lias Formation

Pinhay Bay to Lyme Regis (SY 320 908 to SY 333 914)

Charmouth Mudstone Formation

Charmouth to Seaton

Shales with Beef Member
Black Ven Marl Member
Belemnite Marl Member
Green Ammonite Member

Dyrham Formation

Seaton to Eype Mouth (SY 447 910)

Eype Clay Member
Down Cliff Sand Member
Thorncombe Sand Member

Beacon Limestone Formation

Thorncombe Beacon (SY 4354 9148)

Marlstone Rock Member
Eype Mouth Limestone Member

Bridport Sand Formation

West Bay to Burton Bradstock (SY 465 905 to SY 488 889)

Down Cliff Clay Member

Inferior Oolite Formation

Great Oolite Group

Fuller’s Earth Formation

Frome Clay Formation

Forest Marble Formation

Cornbrash Formation

Kellaways Formation

Oxford Clay Formation

Peterborough Member
Stewartby Member
Weymouth Member

Corallian Group

Nothe Formation

Nothe Grit Member
Nothe Clay Member
Bencliff Grit Member

Osmington Oolite Formation

Clavellata Formation

Sandsfoot Formation

Sandsfoot Clay Member
Sandsfoot Grit Member
Ringstead Clay Member
Osmington Mills Ironstone Member

Abbotsbury Ironstone Formation

Kimmeridge Clay Formation

Portland Group

Portland Sand Formation

Portland Stone Formation

Portland Chert Member
Portland Freestone Member

Purbeck Group

Lulworth Formation

Mupe Member
Ridgeway Member
Worbarrow Tout Member

Durlston Formation

Stair Hole Member
Peveril Point Member

Wealden Formation

Lower Greeensand Formation

Atherfield Clay Member
Ferruginous Sands Member
Sandrock Member

Gault Formation

Upper Greensand Formation

South Dorset coast

Cann Sand Member
Shaftesbury Sandstone Member
Boyne Hollow Chert Member
Eggardon Grit Member

South East Devon coast

Foxmould Member
Whitecliff Chert Member
Bindon Sandstone Member

Grey Chalk Subgroup

West Melbury Marly Chalk Formation

Zig Zag Chalk Formation

Beer Head Limestone Formation (South East Devon coast)

White Chalk Subgroup

Holywell Nodular Chalk Formation

Plenus Marl Member

New Pit Chalk Formation

Lewes Nodular Chalk Formation

Seaford Chalk Formation

Newhaven Chalk Formation

Culver Chalk Formation

Tarrant Chalk Member
Spetisbury Chalk Member

Portsdown Chalk Formation

Lambeth Group

Reading Formation

This formation is present in the subsurface and does not crop out in the region.

Thames Group

London Clay Formation

West Park Farm Member
Warmwell Farm Sand Member
Lychett Matravers Sand Member

Bracklesham Group

Poole Formation

Creekmoor Sand Member
Oakdale Sand Member
Oakdale Clay Member
Broadstone Sand Member
Broadstone Clay Member
Parkstone Sand Member
Parkstone Clay Member

Branksome Sand Formation

Creech Brick Clay Member

Creech Barrow Limestone Formation

Barton Group

Boscombe Sand Formation

Barton Clay Formation