We improve understanding and appreciation of geoscience and geology through enjoyment and outdoor discovery

Chalk Newton Geoscience are based in West Dorset, England, we provide outdoor geoscience education and learning activities in Dorset, Devon and the Isle of Wight. This geological region is known as the Wessex-Channel Basin. Our geoscience learning opportunities capitalise on world-class geology of the area.

We cater for professional geoscientists, conference/meeting delegates, undergraduates, postgraduates, recreational interest groups, families and individuals.

Private itineraries are customised and designed according to your requirements, objectives, timing and budget.

Geoscience plays a pivotal role in providing all our resources and maintaining healthy and sustainable environments.

Geoscience is a keystone to a sustainable future in times of global societal changes.

Geoscientists are key workers for an environmentally sustainable future.

Seven Rock Point, Monmouth Beach