Our lifelong learning programmes are aimed at those who enjoy and embrace personal development, knowledge, health and mental well-being. They are not formal education or qualifications, they are focused and serious activities for continuing development for our minds that build lifelong interests, knowledge and experiences. Lifelong learning is independent, self-motivating and fulfilling.

One Day

  • Geology Day – 1 day (100% outdoor learning).
  • Fossil Day – 1 day (100% outdoor learning).

Two to Five Days

  • Field Geology Art and Sketches – 2 days (100% outdoor).
  • Ecclesiastical Geology – 2 days (80% outdoor and 20% indoor).
  • Dorset Landscapes and Landforms – 3 days (100% outdoor).
  • Mesozoic Vertebrate Palaeontology – 3 days (100% museum and outdoor).
  • Geoarchaeology – 3 days (80% museum and outdoor learning and 20% indoor).
  • Geology 101 – 5 days. What we all should know about the rocks around us. (80% outdoor and 20% indoor).
  • Palaeontology 101 – 5 days (80% museum and outdoor and 20% indoor).
  • Themed Geological Field Excursions in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and/or the Isle of Wight – 1 to 5 days (100% outdoor).


  • Geology of SW England Through The Ages – (12 days, including 2 rest days). Geological discovery throughout southwest England. A complete introduction to structural geology, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and processes and the geological history of this unique area. (100% outdoor).
  • Great British Rock Tour (14 days, including 4 rest days). A celebration of the Great Britain’s Geoparks and geodiversity. (100% outdoor).
  • Historical Geology of the Great Britain – (tbc). Locations of history of geology importance. (100% outdoor).

Levels of Learning

Lifelong Learning offers two simple learning outcomes, fundamental and advanced.

LevelLearning Outcome
FundamentalGain a level of appreciation, knowledge and experience of geoscience and our geodiversity that we should all know. Equivalent to GCSE level.
AdvancedWork towards advanced knowledge equivalent to year 1 University or A-level standard.
Chapman’s Pool and St Aldhem’s Head