Chalk Newton Geoscience are based in West Dorset, England, we provide you with outdoor geoscience education and learning activities in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Our programmes cater for recreational interest groups, families, individuals, undergraduates, postgraduates, professional geoscientists and conference/meeting delegates.

Our classroom is Southwest England, comprising Wessex Basin in East Devon and Dorset, a world-class sedimentary basin for learning and research; further west are the Cornubian igneous intrusions of Devon and Cornwall with related metamorphism and mineralisation, Variscan structural geology and the older Lizard ophiolite (oceanic obduction) complex near Lands End.

Itineraries are from one to ten days and all are fully customised and designed according to the participants, learning objectives, timing and budget. Contact us now.

Geoscience Field Study Support (untutored)

Provide logistics, stay and safety management for universities, schools and colleges with their own tutors, course plans and learning resources

Schools and Universities

While you focus on course content, teaching and learning. We provide planning, booking, logistic support, safety management and documentation.

One to five days field study.

Geology Field Study

For university B.Sc. and M.Sc. geoscientists

Schools and Universities

Course delivers field work through a chronostratigraphic framework. Learning resources comprise outcrop observations, well, borehole and geophysical data.

Five days of field study.

Company “Away Day”

For your colleagues, customers and business partners, past present and future


Take a day away from your workplace to recharge and socialise in the great outdoors.

One day of outdoor exercise and discovery.

Geoscience for Non-Geoscientists

For non-geoscience staff working in the geological sector; legal, finance, planning, personnel teams etc


Course for those who would benefit from, as part of their Continued Professional Development, a learning opportunity in geoscience. The course uses outcrop study and interpretation, well, borehole and geophysical data.

Three days outdoor and classroom learning.

Geology For All

For adults with no prior geological knowledge


Explore East Devon and Dorset and discover and learn about the world-class geology of the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One to five days.

Family Day

Suitable for families with young people


Explore the fascination of Earth history. Activities aligned with appropriate level school science curriculum.

One day of activities.